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by girls U14-1's team, 2018-12-29T11:07:05.000-08:00December 29 2018, at 11:07 AM PST


Getting Certified as a GEVA Junior Second Referee / Scorer

1. Register for the online test/clinic on Webpoint. Your Webpoint username and password are the same that you used to register for GEVA before tryouts – it was probably your parent who did this, so it may be their username / password. You can get into Webpoint at webpoint.usavolleyball.org.

2. Click Region Clinics + on the left side tabs and then Region Ref/Score Clinics to see the list of clinics offered. Click the Participant Registration button for the clinic you want to register for, then the Submit button, the the Register button. The clinics for Athletes are:

GE19_101 GE Junior Lines Judge Training

GE19_102 GE Libero Tracker Training

GE19_103 New and Renewing Junior Scorer Training

GE19_104 New and Renewing Junior Second Referee Training

3. You should then receive an email (in whatever email account you used for Webpoint) confirming that you are registered for that clinic. You can then go back to your Webpoint page and click USAV Academy in red on the left side of the page to do the clinic and take your test. Use the same username and password that you used for Webpoint.

Click the My Account tab on the top. Under Learning Activities you will see the courses / clinics you have enrolled in (Junior Second Referee, Junior Scorer, Libero Control Tracking, Lines Judge). Click Go to get to your clinic and the click Go again on the next page to start the clinic. Watch them in order. You can leave and continue at a later time

If you worked as a scorer / second referee in the past, you can do the pre-quiz. It is a 10 question quiz and if you score 90% or better, you can bypass much of the content and jump to some quick reminders. If you score below 90%, you may have to watch the whole clinic.

4. When you take the quiz, it tells you when you submit each answer if it is correct or incorrect. Read the questions carefully, sometimes they can be tricky. If you get something incorrect, read the correct answer as similar questions show up if you have to retake the quiz..

5. When you submit your answers at the end, it tells you your grade. If you did not get 90%, hit Review and it will take you through the test and tell you each question and whether you got it Correct or Incorrect. I suggest you figure out the correct answers to what you got wrong and also remember your correct answers. Then redo the test. Keep doing it till you get 90%. It may take you a few attempts.

6. If you are having trouble with the test, consult with your teammates or your coaches. If you would like to see the rulebook and look something up yourself, you can find it on www.geva.org → Officials tab → General Official’s Info → Rules & Training Docs, and then click USA Volleyball 2017-19 Indoor Domestic Competition Regulations

7. In addition to completing the online clinic and getting 90% on the test, you must earn two Passes at a tournament. At GEVA tournaments, pass/no pass is marked right on the scoresheet by the first referee at the end of each match for second referees and scorers are marked pass when the test gets sent to the GEVA office.

Past Announcements

Wacky Wednesday Practice (7-8:30 at Princeton Day School)

2018-12-04 05:06 PST by girls U14-1's team (0 Comments)

Come ready to play hard!

Try-Out T practice (or wear a white T)

2018-11-29 05:57 PST by Kelly Korn (0 Comments)

Be prepared for rapid fire skills practice tonight
Passing, digging, playing balls out of the net, out of system, setting, serving

Tye-Dye Tuesday Practice TONIGHT 8-10 @ WWPS

2018-11-27 08:10 PST by girls U14-1's team

Please ensure that you have logged in to team pages and recorded your attendance for tonight. Looking forward to working on the 5-1 and our SERVE RECEIVE tonight!

No Monday Practice (schedule error)

2018-11-25 03:00 PST by girls U14-1's team

I apologize for the scheduling error, there is no Monday practice this week.
girls U14-1's team haven't uploaded any videos yet.


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